Taking Action


Through the leadership of the Lyda Hill Foundation and strategic partnerships, If/Then provides funding and support to women scientists, develops and assists programs for middle school girls, and engages media partners to shift the perception of women in STEM.


Our Approach


If we elevate a woman in STEM,
then she can inspire future world changers. 

If/Then provides flexible funding to women scientists, arms them with communications training and tools, and creates opportunities to amplify their compelling stories.


If we inspire a girl to explore STEM,
then she can change the world.

If/Then captures women scientists in creative, original content and taps into cultural trends to connect with girls’ passions through learning experiences and digital media.


If she can see it, 
then she can be it.
Equipped with the findings of a report produced in partnership with the Geena Davis Institute, If/Then engages media partners to include more positive portrayals of women scientists in an effort to shift girls’ perceptions and interests in STEM.


Our Values


About THE Lyda Hill Foundation


The Lyda Hill Foundation is a private foundation committed to funding transformational advances in science and nature, empowering nonprofit organizations, and to improving the North Texas and Colorado Springs communities. Because Miss Hill has a fervent belief that “science is the answer” to many of life’s most challenging issues, she has chosen to donate the entirety of her estate to philanthropy and scientific research. The organizational ethos of the Lyda Hill Foundation reflects a mix of entrepreneurial vigor and a commitment to balancing profit with purpose.

With this philosophy at the core of Miss Hill’s philanthropic efforts, the Lyda Hill Foundation is committed to investing in solutions, as opposed to incremental change. The Lyda Hill Foundation seeks to invest in transformational initiatives that have the potential to impact global issues such as food safety, ocean conservation, medical research, and other related efforts.